Jul. 20th, 2015

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[ Memories & Notes ]

A/N: Echo's inclusion has been approved by appropriate muns.

  • Blue & Owen; rain meme - In which Alpha and Beta have a serious discussion. Thing of note, is that Echo actually wants to do a field test.

  • Charlie & Owen; rain meme - In which the girls spend the day at the lagoon without Charlie, and Echo proceeded to act like a shark in the water, being a general terror and pain in the ass.

  • [[ Delta & Owen; in heat meme - In which Owen has to teach Delta about smexy mating things. Thing of note, is that Echo wouldn't be creeped out knowing the two had sex, nor would she object to (or be weirded out by) 'sharing' their Alpha. Owen is gorgeous, and the young lady has noticed for some time now. || NOTE: Considered AU for the time being. ]]

  • Blue & Owen; Picture Prompt Meme - In which the pack and Barry are forced to escape InGen, and Echo is the one to retrieve Barry before they vacate the island.

  • Memory as told by Delta - 'InGen had still be in control then, it was right after he'd brought them back, the "handlers" had attempted to scare the girls into submission by cracking whips; which only stressed them out more.

          One, a brute of a man who spoke little English and called them "devils" had managed one hit against Delta -she had a matching scar on the under side of her wrist- before Owen stepped in.

  • InGen File # 626

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