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Protective to the point of obsessive over her family and favorites. Sarcastic as all get out. Some are cursed with resting bitch face, but Echo reveals in it (possibly even abuses it). Communicative-like twins/telepaths with her pack. Dominant. Loud.

Deep down, though, she's needy; for her sisters, for her Alpha. Likes to bite to mark territory (is usually done in a playful manner). As said by Delta, Echo requires a strong man to keep her happy; to challenge and yet protect her. However, she is far more sensitive than she tends to let on to the outside world.

Strengths: Human spliced with dino DNA, hence she is enhanced: Binocular vision, excellent hearing, sense of smell that extends up to a mile away, expert tree climber, can leap great distances, sharper & longer nails, which can extract much like a felines. Survivalist. Loyal.

Weaknesses: Pyrophobia. Goes into heat (and as such, has potential to maim and/or kill partner). Capable of becoming pregnant (InGen's insurance policy). Aggressive, predatory, challenging. Does not always follow orders (see: trying to usurp Blue). Doesn’t like being stared at for long when under stress. Nightfall = hunting, most active, etc. Sporadic limp (see Physicality for details).

  • Speaks Latin American Spanish (Costa Rican), German, French, and some Maleku. Blue and Echo excel in mimicry.

  • Collects feathers (reflects feather theory for raptors), wears designer clothes. Loves to dance (to reflect the mating dance ritual of raptors). When not in classes or some such, Echo fucks with the tourists, which has resulted in her being celled and/or punished.

  • Kink list.

  • Miscellaneous
    Credit for the idea of a human/raptor hybrid AU go to Emerald Spiral.

  • 'Since they'd been young, the girls had developed a system of sounds, knocks and even hand signals to communicate as efficiently as their dinosaur originals had.'

  • LIKES = Sriracha, vodka, sweets, Wu Tang Clan, fall out boy, Ellie Goulding, Makeshift Romeo, Panic! at the Disco, birds, dancing, water, rose gold, designer clothes, pens over pencils, spring, cherry wood.
  • DISLIKES = Leeks, winter, babies, the smell of vinegar, Victor Hoskins.

  • NPCs:
        Wilhelmina a.k.a. Willie - the Mosasaurus.
        Michael Attenborough - Starbucks employee.
        Marty Mazzello - InGen employee, one of the girls' trainers.

  • Verses

          In Plain Sight: Even after taking the girls, Owen remained in Costa Rica and continued to work for Jurassic World. His assumption being that the best place to hide was the one place they would never look for them – right in front of their faces.

          Nowheresville, USA: Owen and the girls return to the United States and set up house in a small town, trying their hardest not to draw attention to themselves.

          Of Mass Destruction: In which, the sisters were never taken from the lab and have been raised to be weapons. While many of the other genetically engineered humans were sold to the highest bidder, the "Raptor Squad" was kept by InGen and used as their own, personal mercenaries. In this verse, Owen is their handler at InGen. This leaves room for a darker side to be played by said man.

           There is also the option of Echo never having encountered Grady.

          Ranger Rick/Not Quite Jack Hanna (as used for [personal profile] youremygirlblue): Owen's first years at the park before Jurassic World starts; how he got his brood, how he became Alpha, all the bumps and bruises along the road before we see him on screen for the first time.

          Ad Astra Per Aspera: Abusus Non Tollit Usum Star Wars AU (used for [personal profile] homeone): The First Order/Sith/insert appropriate enemy started experimenting by splicing the DNA of Zabrak, Akk Dog (for their ability to Force bond), Reeks, and who knows what else with human DNA. Rumors of Acklay, Leviathan, Krayt dragon, and Danchaf float about their creation, but very little information is available...for good reason. The goal was to create a secret army and pool of personal guards, however, they were only successful in making a pack of four before the Republic/Jedi/insert hero put an end to the program. Now, the pack is under the care of said hero.

           Potential options - Pet. Kylo Ren is the Alpha. Specifically bred as a Knight of Ren.

          Ad Astra Per Aspera: In Inceptum Finis Est Star Wars AU (used for [profile] 0dayssincelastincident): The First Order started experimenting by splicing the DNA of Zabrak, Akk Dog (for their ability to Force bond), Reeks, and who knows what else with human DNA. Rumors of Acklay, Leviathan, Krayt dragon, and Danchaf float about their creation, but very little information is available...for good reason. The goal was to create secret weapons and a pool of personal guards, under the charge of their future Alpha, Kylo Ren. Through the guise of Matt, the Dark apprentice interacts with Echo, who must learn how to socialize.

  • Has scar from left shoulder to spine in a downwards slash from the altercation for Beta with Blue (not going with face for ~reasons~).
  • When overexerted, develops a limp (instead of offset jaw). This is the second visible reminder of her discord with Blue. When able, she uses this to her advantage, coming off as weaker, but still being deadly. Reaction times are, however, slowed.

  • Age: Depends on verse and/or PSL; 18-24.
  • Height: 5'2
  • Eye color: Whiskey brown.
  • Hair color: Naturally born a brunette. However, is constantly changing hair colors; meant to reflect the fact that raptors likely had feathers.
  • PB: Hilary Duff.
  • Species: Hybrid. Depends on verse. Default is Human/Velociraptor hybrid; DNA spliced with dinosaur breed and who knows what else. Created by InGen to be the ultimate weapon.

  • Update 09.24.16
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    [ Memories & Notes ]

    A/N: Echo's inclusion has been approved by appropriate muns.

  • Blue & Owen; rain meme - In which Alpha and Beta have a serious discussion. Thing of note, is that Echo actually wants to do a field test.

  • Charlie & Owen; rain meme - In which the girls spend the day at the lagoon without Charlie, and Echo proceeded to act like a shark in the water, being a general terror and pain in the ass.

  • [[ Delta & Owen; in heat meme - In which Owen has to teach Delta about smexy mating things. Thing of note, is that Echo wouldn't be creeped out knowing the two had sex, nor would she object to (or be weirded out by) 'sharing' their Alpha. Owen is gorgeous, and the young lady has noticed for some time now. || NOTE: Considered AU for the time being. ]]

  • Blue & Owen; Picture Prompt Meme - In which the pack and Barry are forced to escape InGen, and Echo is the one to retrieve Barry before they vacate the island.

  • Memory as told by Delta - 'InGen had still be in control then, it was right after he'd brought them back, the "handlers" had attempted to scare the girls into submission by cracking whips; which only stressed them out more.

          One, a brute of a man who spoke little English and called them "devils" had managed one hit against Delta -she had a matching scar on the under side of her wrist- before Owen stepped in.

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